Join us again

18–20 May 2021


What is new in our ‘From fibre to corrugated board’ seminar in 2021?

Why is it worth attending next year’s seminar? While preparing the programme I tried to make it interesting for both first-timers and regular attendees. The seminar held in 2017 was billed as more vivid and more interactive!

Three years later, we are maintaining the interactive focus by continuing the live process displays and panel discussions. As we know, the world around us is changing rapidly. Two trends in particular have an increasing impact on our lives: sustainable development and digitalisation. Hence the event, whose agenda rests on the three pillars of practical knowledge, digitalisation and sustainability, could justly carry the additional title ‘From sustainable fibre to digital packaging’.


1. Practical knowledge and best manufacturing practices

As always, a condensed presentation of unique knowledge of paper and corrugated board production will be the seminar’s strong point. We will offer refreshed and updated material on fibre and paper production, as well as on paper and corrugated board parameters. The material on best manufacturing practices promises to be of special interest. We will also present an updated version of the corrugators’ productivity comparison and guidelines on how to improve their efficiency. The topic of ‘The path to flat corrugated board’ will be presented from a brand-new perspective.


2. Digitalisation

From digital paper to digital boxes: digitalisation is today’s fastest-growing trend. It is therefore fitting that keynote speaker Philipp Riederle will open the seminar with an account of the expectations of the young generation as set out in his books Who we are and what we want and How we work and what we demand. He will be followed by a line-up of excellent speakers from across the industry, who will present the latest solutions applied in the paper industry and in the production of corrugated board and packaging. What should we expect? I assume that quality control systems for paper machines and corrugators in the coming 4.0 environment will be one of the highlights. Day two promises a lively session with digital prediction of packaging strength based on finite element analysis presented alongside special laboratory equipment measuring the most important parameters of corrugated board. We did not forget information management: this time in the form of big data management for corrugators. The third day features a dedicated block addressing the dynamic e-commerce segment and the packaging used in it.


3. Sustainable development

If this is not yet the dominant trend, it soon will be. The seminar therefore covers urgent issues connected with global warming. First we consider the forest as a renewable source of raw materials. When considering the future of packaging, we must keep in mind the generation of teenagers shaping consumer behaviour in the coming decades and aiming for Zero Waste. Starting with the question of how to produce the most sustainable packaging, we will reflect with attendees on the future of packaging in the light of trends and developments in today’s world.

Once again we will present the live laboratory of both paper and (for the first time!) corrugated board. During interactive presentations, but also during breaks, attendees will not only be able to watch analyses being performed, but also to try to conduct them themselves. A unique demonstration of paper production on a replica of the first continuous paper machine, which was devised by Louis-Nicolas Robert, will be an added attraction.

As usual, the event’s most powerful asset will be the superb Mondi practitioners, who will enrich the presentations with knowledge of best practices in their specialist areas. The team of speakers will be complemented by specialists from other companies.


With greetings from the world of paper and corrugated board,

Marek Motylewski